Academic Articles

The History of Moral Certainty as the Pre-History of Typicality.
In  Bassi, A., Goldstein, S., Tumulka, R., and Zanghì, N., editors, Physics and the Nature of Reality: Essays in Memory of Detlef Dürr. Heidelberg: Springer, forthcoming.

Towards Ideal Understanding, (with Federica Malfatti).
Ergo, 10(22):1-34, 2023.

Absorbing the Arrow of Electromagnetic Radiation, (with Charles Sebens).
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 99: 10-27, 2023.
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Is the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics ψ-Ontic or ψ-Epistemic?
Foundations of Physics, 53(16):1-23, 2023.
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Understanding Physics: ‘What?’, ‘Why?’, and ‘How?’
European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 11(3):1-36, 2021.
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Reviving Frequentism.
Synthese, 199:5255-5284, 2021.
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When Fields Are Not Degrees of Freedom, (with Vera Hartenstein).
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 72(1):245-275, 2021.
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How Quantum Mechanics Can Consistently Describe the Use of Itself, (with Dustin Lazarovici).
Scientific Reports, 9(470):1–8, 2019.
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The Wave-Function as a Multi-Field, (with Davide Romano).
European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 8(3):521–37, 2018.
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The Physics and Metaphysics of Primitive Stuff, (with Michael Esfeld, Dustin Lazarovici, and Vincent Lam).
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 68(1):133–61, 2017.
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Quantity of Matter or Intrinsic Property: Why Mass Cannot Be Both
In L. Felline, A. Ledda, F. Paoli, and E. Rossanese, editors, New Developments in Logic and Philosophy of Science, volume 3, pages 267–77. London: College Publications, 2016.

The Ontology of Bohmian Mechanics, (with Michael Esfeld, Dustin Lazarovici, and Detlef Dürr).
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 65(4):773–96, 2014.
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Anchoring Causal Connections in Physical Concepts, (with Roland Poellinger).
In M. C. Galavotti, D. Dieks, W. J. Gonzalez, S. Hartmann, T. Uebel, and M. Weber, editors, New Directions in the Philosophy of Science, volume 5 of The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective, pages 501–9. Springer International Publishing, 2014.
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Book Reviews

The World in the Wave Function: A Metaphysics for Quantum Physics by Alyssa Ney, Oxford University Press.
Philosophy of Science, 89:864-875, 2022.
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The Meaning of the Wave-Function: In Search of the Ontology of Quantum Mechanics, by Shan Gao, Cambridge University Press.
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2017.
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Popular Articles

How Philosophy May Help to Deal with Disagreement
Everyday Lifestyle Blog of the American Philosophical Association (APA), 2023.
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How Does AI Impact Learning? University Education as Mindbuilding,
Open Newsletter article for the Center for Learning and Teaching at The American University in Cairo, 2023.
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What If Light Doesn't Exist?
BJPS Short Read, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 2022.
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