The American University in Cairo

Philosophy of Physics, advanced undergraduate and graduate, AUC, Spring ’24. 

Philosophy of Science and Technology, undergraduate, AUC, Fall ’23.

Mind, Brain, and Consciousness (co-taught with May Bakr), advanced undergraduate and graduate.
[syllabus Spring '23

Truth, Lies, and Logical Reasoning, intermediate undergraduate.
[syllabus Spring '23

Philosophical Thinking, freshman class.
[syllabus Spring '24]  

Advanced Seminar in Classical Philosophy, advanced undergraduate and graduate.
[syllabus Fall '22]

The Philosophy of David Lewis (co-taught with Ahmed Abdel Meguid),  reading class, advanced undergraduate and graduate.
Fall '22


Philosophy of Time, reading class, advanced undergraduate.
Fall '21 & Winter '22 .

Philosophical Issues in Quantum Physics, advanced undergraduate.
[syllabus Spring '20] [syllabus Spring '21] [syllabus Spring '22

Ancient Greek Philosophy, freshman class.
[syllabus Winter '21] [syllabus Spring '22]

Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics, advanced undergraduate.
[syllabus Fall'20]

Philosophy of Space and Time, advanced undergraduate.
[syllabus Winter'20]

Knowledge and Reality, freshman class.
[syllabus Fall' 19]

University of Lausanne

A Philosophical Introduction to General Relativity, reading group for master students. Spring '16.

Teaching Assistant

University of Lausanne

Philosophy, Epistemology and History of Science, two-semester class,  master level, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
Spring '13 – Fall '17.
[course manual]

LMU Munich

The Ontology of Physics, graduate seminar.
Winter '15.
[course website]

Mathematics for Physicists I–III, undergraduate classes.